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Build Chest Muscle Lightning

how to build muscle
how to build muscle
how to build muscle
how to build muscle
If you have been trying to build chest muscle but are not seeing the gains you were looking for then there's a few key steps you can take to build chest muscle in lightning speed.

How to Build Chest Muscle Step I - Dissect your chest work out

In case you need to build chest muscle you need to dissect your chest workout. Your chest which consists of your pectorals "pecs" are massive muscles, which means you are going to have work out different parts of your chest "one at a time" in case you need maximum results and the quickest gains feasible.

It is actual simple. All you need to do is break down your chest workout or chest exercises to work out the four main parts of your chest.
how to build muscle

Here are a few exercises you can use to build chest muscle quickly.

These four parts are your upper chest, your lower chest, your inner chest and your outer chest.

Upper Chest Muscle Exercises

- Incline Barbell Bench press - Military Dumbbell Presses - Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Lower Chest Muscle Exercises

- Decline Barbell Bench press - Parallel Bar Dips - Decline Dumbbell Flyes

Inner Chest Muscle Exercises

- Standing Cable Crossovers - Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes

- Flat Bench Barbell Presses - Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes

Outer Chest Muscle Exercises

How to Build Chest Muscle Step II - Work Your Chest to Failure

By dissecting your chest workout in this way you won't only build chest muscle speedy but you build ALL the different areasof your chest muscle which ends up in a bigger, stronger and wider chest.

In case you need to build chest muscle, you need to train your chest to failure. In case you don't know what I mean, it is simple. You need to push your chest muscles to the point where it is unable to do any more reps by itself in the coursework of that set.

This is why you also NEED a spotter - someone to help you when your muscles fail in the coursework of an exercise. For example, if you are bench pressing and your muscles fail halfway on your last rep, you need someone there to assist you, so you can keep pushing although your muscles have failed - that is the key to unlocking HUGE muscle gains.

How to Build Chest Muscle Step III - Don't Cheat on Your "Negatives"

When you train your chest muscle to failure like this, your body says "Woe, I better start sending more nutrients (protein, water, calories, etc.) to build my chest muscles so next time they deal with this stress (weight training to failure), it won't be as strenuous as last time". Training like this can and will lead to HUGE chest muscle gains quickly.

What are "negatives"? - Negatives are the eccentric or lowering phase of your particular exercise. For example, in case you were bench pressing, your negative would be when you are lowering the barbell one time you have reached the top. In other words, negative is the motion you take after you have contracted your targeted muscle (in this case lowering the barbell after they have contracted our chest muscle to push the barbell to the top).
how to build muscle

Most people use gravity in the coursework of negatives in lieu of having a controlled movement downward. This is what I call "cheating your negatives" and it is also dangerous to your muscles. Give it some thought, in case you completed pushing a 150lb barbell upward, it will be dangerous and "useless" when you are trying to build muscle in case you relaxed your chest muscles as soon as you were about to lower that barbell it

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