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Build Muscle - Supplement

how to build muscle

Your mouth practically drools as you flip through the pages of a popular bodybuilding magazine-all those icy protein supplements.


And you know what-that is a nice thing!

There is a major problem-you are so broke that you cannot even afford the least pricey protein on the nutrition store shelves.

No, I have not lost my mind.

Below I am going to give you something you can do-even in case you cannot afford supplements.

Well, the above is only partially true-good elderly fashioned food will come to your rescue-but the catch is, it's to be the right food.


Nice query.

So what exactly is the right food?

Before you laugh-hear me out!

Well, since you cannot afford the latest tremendous wonder protein, how about investing some funds in chicken thighs.

I do know a number of you might be thinking-but chicken thighs have more fat than chicken breasts.

In case you shop around you can find some nice deals.



For most of you kids reading this, the added fat is not necessarily a bad thing as along with your speedy metabolisms-and sometimes-small appetites-again the added fat and calories will do you nice.

how to build muscle

And, in case you do not like the taste of a dry chicken breast-the chicken thighs can be a welcome change of pace.

Up next.


Because it's not.

While whey protein is good-do not be fooled in to thinking that the nice elderly egg has lost something.

In case you eat the yoke and all, it contains everything you need-protein-plus a whole bunch of other healthy things.

The elderly time bodybuilders used to eat eggs-and they gained lots of muscle.


And, again, in case you shop around you can get some nice deals.

I do know when people think protein-some people think milk is a sensible choice.

But there is something I think is even better than milk.

And that is cottage cheese.

I am liking the dry curd kind-it contains lots of protein and very tiny carbs.

You can top it with sunflower seeds-or pineapple.

Use your imagination and come up along with your own favourite topping.

The advantage of the eggs and cottage cheese is that they are simple to take anywhere.


Which is nice when you are looking for a fast meal containing lots of high quality protein.


While all those fancy-and expensive-cans of protein powder are nice-they can get replaced with nice elderly fashioned food.

how to build muscle

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