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Build The Side Of The Arm Muscle

how to build muscle

Building a well-sculpted body requires over knowing a few types of exercises. , you need to target specific muscles in each part of your body with specific exercises designed to work those parts.

Take the arms, for example. Most individuals who work out focus chiefly on the biceps (front, inside of arm) and triceps (back of arm). But, what about those muscles on the sides of the arm? By targeting those muscle groups, as well, you stand to gain muscles in place you never knew you had them.

one. The upper part of the side of your arm is called the medial (side) deltoid:

Here are five tips for how to build the side of the arm muscle:

First, let's get our terminology straight. When they speak about the side of the arm muscle, they need to distinguish between types of muscles: the medial deltoid and the brachialis.

The deltoid muscle - which extends directly down from the shoulder blades and in to the top of the arms - actually has parts: front, side, and back. The medial (side) deltoid is the that looks like it is on the side of your arm.

two. The lower part of the side of your arm is called the brachialis:

Moving down your arm a bit, you have a separate muscle called the brachialis. This is situated between the biceps and triceps muscles.

how to build muscle

Together, a set of well-developed medial deltoid and brachialis muscles will give the sides of your arms the look you need.

three. For your deltoids, do side lateral raises:

There's numerous exercises that can work out your medial deltoid muscles. They focus here on side lateral raises. Here's how:

a. Pick up light dumbbells (5-15 lbs.).

c. Hold the dumbbells in front of your body with the palms of your hands facing each other while slightly bending your elbows.

b. Stand together with your feet apart, about shoulder-width.

d. Raise the weights out to the sides and upwards in a semicircular arc until they are above shoulder level. Hold this position for a moment, then lower them back to the beginning position.

e. Repeat.

four. For your brachialis, do the dumbbell bent-over row:

A great exercise for your brachialis muscles is the dumbbell bent-over row. Here is what to do:

a. Stand together with your knees twisted and your upper body at about a 60-degree angle.

b. Now with the weights fully extended downward in your arms, bring them straight up to your chest by contracting your shoulder blades fully.

d. Repeat.

c. Inhale and then slowly return the weights to the beginning position.

Here is another nice that is designed to increase the size and definition of your brachialis:

five. Also for your brachialis, try reverse curls:

a. Stand up straight, together with your back and head straight forward and upward.

b. Grab a barbell with palms out and down ( than up and toward you). Grip the bar at shoulder width, slowly raising the weight together with your elbows tight up against your body.

c. One time the weight has reached the top, lower it slowly back down to the beginning position.

how to build muscle

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